What we Do in  Evangelism and Church Planting?

  • Sending Missionaries to where there is no church or a group of baptized believers
  • Forming prayer cells and house churches
  • Equipping new believers to carry the gospel to their households and communities
  • Training lay people for mission and church planting
  • In the long run encouraging churches to be self-sufficient in proclamation, administration and support


The process of Evangelism and Church Planting

The focus of SAEM is to lead people to a life changing experience with Christ, but it doesn't stop there. Through its holistic ministry, the gospel is shared as indigenous pastors and missionaries move from village to village preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. Here is our evangelism and church planting process:

Proclaiming the gospel:

a missionary or a pastor choose few surrounding villages as their mission fields after much prayer and waiting on the Lord. With the acceptance and approval of the village leader, a pastor is able to work openly, building relationships and sharing the gospel. Villagers who accept the Lord are encouraged to be open about their faith without concern for being ostracized or persecuted.

Baptizing believers:
While pastors are anxious to baptize people into the kingdom, new believers must first show their understanding and commitment to Christ as the one and only true God. 

Forming a church and training and equipping for ministry:
Through small Bible study groups, new Christians are trained in the scriptures, learn about prayer and join together in worship. A key aspect of the equipping process is teaching and encouraging the believers to share their faith among family and friends. Through personal witness, new people are introduced to the Lord through the village Bible studies. As these groups mature and expand, several groups are brought together to form a congregation.

SAEM is committed to form a body of Christ (baptized believers) and help them to be self-sufficient in their administration, proclamation and support. We do not appeal outside fund for church buildings, pastors’ salary or any need of a local church. However, what we encourage is to support missionaries in their pioneering work for two-three years and support for training programs.






















































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